Life of Hope

Jeevan Asha which literally means ‘Life of Hope’ has been instrumental in bringing optimism and positive growth to the many impoverished lives especially of the children in the last decade. Set up near  the village of Koknipada in Thane, our Day Care Centre is pivotal in the area and caters to children in the age group of 3.5 to 8 years from the nearby slums. The mothers of the children who come from the area around the DCC, who mostly work as maids in the neighbouring houses drop off their children every morning into our care where they are looked after, fed a nutritious meal and taught basic literacy skills and good values. A ‘Play-Way’ curriculum has been specially designed by the Jeevan Asha teachers to teach children in a fun and creative manner. Basic literacy skills, English language, arithmetic, general knowledge, drawing, painting and craft are some of the subjects taught here. There is a set timetable and prescribed syllabus that is followed. The main objective being to eventually mainstream these children into government schools.

Jeevan Asha has also started an adult literacy project with slum dwellers. The programme teaches them basic literacy skills to help them read, write and calculate.  In fact just in the last one year about 30 women have been impacted through this programme.

The remarkable changes Jeevan Asha has brought about in this area are as much a result of the vision of our Founder and Chairman Basil D’Souza as they are of our committed teachers and staff. What started as a dream has now expanded into a reality that has impacted more than 2000 children in the last two decades.