Life of Hope

Jeevan Asha - Life of Hope

Advancement and several breakthroughs at warp speed have cast India into the forefront of the line-up of developing nations; there even are debates on whether the term is relevant for our country anymore. We have had a bit of a late start, but we’re quickly catching up with our western counterparts. Words like globalization are used in everyday conversations now, but now is as good a time as any to take a closer look at the overall effects of this progress –

Jeevan Asha - Life of Hope HPTake, for instance, Aditi (in the featured photograph)
Does this little girl have a right to a bright future, or are her rights restricted to watching from the sidelines as the world goes by?

We’ve come a long way in dealing with some very rigid social issues, but the reality is these reforms have not completely precipitated into comparable outcomes for all strata of society; at least not yet… Let’s face it, life IS a race, and when participation means having to get to the front of a formidably large crowd, it feels easier to get lost in it instead. We hear and speak of equal opportunities, but are said opportunities really equal if not every single citizen is availing of them?

There is much hope for the future – but this is subject to us working constructively in the present and navigating successfully through the stumbling blocks that have been set in the past.

Jeevan Asha [meaning Life of Hope in Hindi] has risen up to this challenge with a simple aim – to make a difference, one that will proportionately calibrate this social difference.

We focus on bridging the gap by helping the under-served firstly to realize they have every chance of making it in this race; and secondly to empower them with the stamina to run it. Our projects include the Day Care Centre (DCC) for kids, Community Development Program (CDP), Adult Literacy Program (ALP) and HIV/AIDS Awareness: reaching out to the local masses, changing mindsets and giving them a real zest for life.

Jeevan Asha has been able to bring about remarkable changes in the community. These have come about as a result of the vision of Basil D’Souza (Founder and Chairman) and the hard work put in by our committed teachers and staff. What started off as a dream in 1999 has now turned into a full-fledged reality that has impacted more than 3000 children [and in turn their families] in less than two decades!