CDP – Value Education Class at Dhokali

We have completed our sessions in this school.

The Headmistress, Mrs. Aparna Badge gave us a letter commending us for the sessions taken.

T.M.C High School No. 6, Dhokali

Wednesdays, 11am – 12 noon

Class:  9th

No of students:  62

Period: 15th Feb to 22 March

Feedback from some of the students:
  • Rohan started with saying that he liked all the topics, but he specially liked the topic on friendship; while Rajesh added and agreed saying that they need to chose the right friends.
  • Rahul Rathod said, “I realize we should not behave improperly, especially in relation with the girls.  The other day, my friend reminded me of what we learnt at class”.
  • Both Nilima and Aishwarya liked the topic on respect for parents and elders.   Yogita said she enjoyed making a card for her mom and giving it to her, this International Women’s day.
  • Ganesh said his mummy and papa are his heroes, after he heard the topic on “Who is my hero”.
  • Rahul Gupta understands that he must respect life, and boldly said , “I am special”.

We hope to start the sessions with the next batch in the same school at the start of the next academic year.

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