CDP (Community Development Program)

20130926_100254The Jeevan Asha Community Development Programme (CDP) was started in March 2011. It aims at empowering women with information and tools to build healthier families and communities.

Our work at the Day Care Centre made us realise that the health of most of our children was dependent on their mothers. But since most of these women themselves were frail, undernourished with no knowledge about the importance of proper diet and nutrition, the children who came to us were in a similar health condition.

We started work in the slums of Sai Nagar and Anand Nagar in Thane from where many of our children come to the day care centre. Our team started educating their mothers on subjects like nutrition, antenatal care and the importance of child birth in hospitals, breastfeeding and immunisations.

Our initiative targets are both care seekers and care providers as we are working in the slums to empower women in their communities to be catalysts of change as the care seekers. We also collaborate with existing public health systems like the Municipal Primary Health Centre and Integrated Child Development Scheme who are the care providers to create sustainable improvements in urban health.

Since the inception of our Community Development Programme, our team has registered 300 expectant mothers in the area.