Educating the needy


17-year-old Dinesh Shinde enrolled in our Day Care Centre in 2002 and attended it for 2 years, after which he was admitted into the local municipal school. He has three siblings and lives with his family in a 100 square feet shanty in a slum in Sai Nagar, Thane. His mother is a housewife and his father manages a small shop with his brother. Over the past ten years, Dinesh has done well in school and ranks among the top three students in his class. In March 2013 he got 85% in his 10th grade board exams .

Dinesh attributes his progress to the strong foundation laid in his early childhood in the Jeevan Asha Day Care Centre. The centre instilled confidence in him to participate in drama, speech, singing and painting competitions. He used to sing in the school choir and had won prizes in singing and elocution. He also participated in a painting competition organised by Lokmat, a city newspaper. Dinesh says “I would like to come back and help Jeevan Asha” someday.

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