Adult Literacy Programme


The Jeevan Asha Adult Literacy Programme was started with an aim to promote literacy among socio-economically backward groups, ensuring basic literacy skills for adults.

We believe that education is the only tool to break the vicious cycle of poverty, oppression and backwardness.  Though the Day Care Centre is the face of Jeevan Asha, we believe it is imperative to educate and empower adults living in these areas so as to motivate them, better their living standards and improve their livelihood options.

The programme started with a group of 8 women in 1999. After various challenges that included almost fading out the programme due to poor attendance, the class was revived in September 2012 in three different areas of Thane city – Manpada, Sai Nagar and Dnyaneshwar Nagar. It has seen considerable success since then and in the last year alone, 30 women benefitted from this programme.

Fun and innovative ways to teach these adults is the USP of the programme. Text books with bigger alphabets, flash cards, colourful pictures, games and books are used for faster and effective learning in these classes.