Maternal Healthcare


Pooja is from Uttar Pradesh has migrated to the Anand Nagar slums a few years ago.  Her husband works as a driver.  We met her during her third pregnancy in June 2012.  The first time she had had a miscarriage, and the second time she delivered stillborn twins. This time too she was unwell all through her pregnancy and was very anemic. She did not even take her tablets regularly.  When we started visiting her, the first thing we encouraged her to do was to eat. Our team also spoke to her about the importance of maternal and child care, proper diet and nutrition with the help of flash cards and flip charts. We also encouraged her husband to go to the doctor with her. In August she delivered a baby boy who was very weak and barely weighed 800 grams. Pooja was in the hospital for over a month. Back home, she was asked to keep the baby in a thermocol box to keep him warm.  Today, Pooja thanks us for giving her timely advice during her pregnancy.

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